Scandinavian Inspired Decor

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Are you after the perfect Scandinavian inspired decor item? Look no further than the fabulous ‘How About That Decor’ Timber Towers.

‘The simplicity of the design makes them easy to style in nurseries, living rooms, offices – you name it! With a number of trending colours to choose from, there is something to suit your style.’

Of course we had to have white towers with a touch of pink. The monochrome option is also on our list.

Shop the Scandi timber towers at

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Scandinavian inspired pom poms and moons are just what your nursery needs. I am labelling them the must have item of the season. I went for the white pom pom and white moon to match our little ones nursery. They come in various colours to match any room as well as customised designs. These aren’t just for your little ones rooms they suit most living areas also.

Kate their amazing designer and maker is a new mum and knows exactly what your nursery needs for that wow factor. For more nursery inspiration head to Instagram @luxebabylove.

Shop the gorgeous pom poms and mobiles at

What do you think of the gorgeous Scandinavian designs by two of our fav shops?

Arrows & Paper Crowns

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